Office of Homeland Security &
 Emergency Preparedness

LTC. Terry E. Guidry

Assistant Director
Capt. Stacey Blanchard 
Parish President
 Chester Cedars
St. Martin Parish Govt.

The Parish of St. Martin is subjected to the effects of many disasters, varying widely in type and magnitude from local communities to statewide in scope.  Disaster conditions could be the result of natural phenomena such as tornadoes, floods, storms, high water, wind-driven water, drought, high winds, or extreme fog.  Apart from natural disasters, the parish is subject to a myriad of other disaster contingencies such as transportation accidents to include those involving chemicals, oils, and other hazardous material spills, leaks, or pollution problems, dumping of hazardous wastes, building or bridge collapse, utility service interruptions, terrorism, warfare, or a combination of any of these. 

The Parish President, under the revised Louisiana Disaster Act of 1993 and the various ordinances enacted by the St. Martin Parish Council, has the authority and responsibility for meeting the dangers of St. Martin Parish.  The Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness acts as Chief Advisor to the Parish President during any declared emergency affecting the people and property of St. Martin Parish.  The Director has overall responsibility for emergency planning, coordination of resources and provision of direction of disaster operations.

The coordination is possible through the development and constant updating of an Integrated Emergency Operating Plan that effectively combines all parish department operations along with those of other service agencies during emergencies.  Hazards analysis, mitigation efforts, preparedness, response and recovery procedures for all the potential hazards that could threaten our parish are the year-round planning efforts performed and executed by our staff.

The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness operates from the Emergergency Operations Center (EOC).  It is the primary site for direction and control of emergency operations.  The EOC linked with the 911 Communications Center, Sheriff, Police, Fire, Medical and all parish service departments work together to form the parish's emergency team.


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